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Notes for Conference Speakers

Thank you so much for agreeing to be one of our conference speakers.  These are some notes to give you a bit of background information about the event.  I also set out what information we will need from you.

Background information

The first Landlord Law Conference took place in the Athenaeum in Bury St Edmunds on 15 March 2013.  It was a big success and it was obvious that it should become an annual event.

The second conference took place in the same venue on 28 March 2014 and if anything was even more successful.

For our 2015 conference we decided to move from Bury St Edmunds to Cambridge.  The Athenaum, although a lovely venue, could not really accommodate any more delegates comfortably and we felt that if we were to expand the conference we needed somewhere a bit bigger.

We were fortunate to find Homerton College in Cambridge.  The college has a large auditorium which is ideal for our needs and also has on site parking (a miracle in Cambridge!).  Overnight accommodation is also available in college (as the conference will take place in the Easter Break) for those who need it (note that single rooms only are available).  The Conference will be taking place on 14 April 2015.

Landlord Law Conference Wales

In 2015 we are also running a second conference in Wales.  This was at the suggestion of our lead sponsors TDS, and is mainly to cover the new laws coming into force as a result of the Welsh Housing Act, although there will be some talks on other topics.

The Welsh Conference will be on 15 May 2015 at the Angel Hotel in Cardiff.

Initial requirments

I will need, as soon as possible, from all speakers, a digital photo and about four or five bullet points on your talk which I can use on the sales pages.

Promoting the Conferences

We will be doing all we can to promote the conferences during late 2014 and 2015.  It would be very much appreciated if you could let your contacts and customers know that you will be speaking at the conference and refer them to the conference website

As part of our promtion we usually do a post on the Landlord Law Blog about our speakers (particuarly new speakers) and their firms and work.  I will be contacting you about this in due course.

I may also record one of my Landlord Law Live webinars with you, which are then published as podcasts.  Again, I will contact you about this in due course.

Note that there is a special conference twitter hashtag #lllconf which please use when tweeting about  the conference (both before and on the day).  As you can see, this is also the url of the conference website.

Your notes and power point

We will need to have speakers notes for the conference handout.  This will have your name and firm details so delegates will be able to contact you after the event, for example if they want to use your professional services.  We like the notes to be reasonably detailed so they can be a real help to delegates after the event.

To allow us sufficient time to prepare the conference notes, we will require your speakers notes at least 3 weeks before the event.  So  we will need them by Monday 23 March for the Cambridge Conference and by Thursday 23 April for the Cardiff Conference.

Most speakers also have a power point presentation.  This is not essential however and if you prefer not to do this, we can arrange for a single slide with your name, photo and contact details to be shown during your talk.

We will need to have the power points well in advance of both events.  If possible can you please let us have them at the same time as your speakers notes.

Fiming the Conferences

We have in the past used  Bev and Tracy of Tracy Island TV Productions to film both our Conferences and they will be filming both the 2015 events.

Please therefore when giving your talk, can you be careful not to include anything which you would not want to be published, as it may be difficult for me to edit anything out (and even if I am able to do this, it will spoil the quality of the final video).

We will also have a photographer on both days to take publicity photographs.

Accommodation and meals

We have ‘conference rates’ agreed with both Homerton College and the Angel Hotel.

If you wish to book accommodation at Homerton College for the Cambridge event please follow these instructions:

  • Click here
  • Enter the promotional code KX15432 in the box
  • Complete the rest of the form to reserve your accommodation.

We hope to be arranging an informal meal for speakers and delegates on the nights before and on the evening after both conferences.  The meals in Cardiff will be at the hotel.  We have yet to arrange a venue for the Cambridge meal.  Details will be provided nearer the event.

On the day

Please can you arrange to arrive well in advance of your talk.  The day is organised by Graeme Gee who introduces all the speakers and makes sure that  the program runs to time.

We are, I am afraid, rather strict about keeping to time as we find that this is greatly appreciated by delegates.  So please can you be careful not to overrun your 30 minutes.

Refershments will be provided during the day (tea & coffee on arrival and at the two comfort breaks and a buffet lunch) and there will be free wi fi if you need it.

After the conference

We will be making the photographs and promo film of the events available as soon as we have them and will be happy to let you have any photographs featuring yourself if you would like to use them (provided you acknolwedge their source).

We generally create a ‘conference course’ from the film footage of the talks and speakers notes and power points and expect to do the same this year.  This will again have your contact details and so will help promote your business.

If you have any questions about the conferences which this page has not answered, please contact me at tessa @

Thank you again for ageeing to speak for us.

Tessa Shepperson


The Landlord Law Conferences are run by Landlord Law Services Ltd

The next Landlord Law Conference will take place on 17 May 2019 in Norwich

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